If you come from a Defense/Defense Contractor background, you may have a relatively robust understanding of modeling and simulation.  Other industries, however, often times do not have a lengthy and robust history of using modeling and simulation for training/education and development, or in support of data analytics of predictive analysis.  The healthcare industry, for example, leverages models and simulations significantly differently from many other industries, and the members of that industry tend to have a more cloistered view of how models and simulations can be applied.

Here is a graphic (non-interactive) Concept Map that seeks to explain what Modeling and Simulation are.  Clicking the link takes you to a cloud-based Concept Map server.


The benefits from using modeling and simulation are numerous.  A caveat – a shovel fails as a writing instrument, under most conditions.  The inappropriate use of models and simulations will likely fail or – worse – produce invalid results.



The Epicural Team has over 20 years experience developing models and simulations across all three of the major benefit areas – analysis, training & education, and test/validation/verification/certification.  Contact us for help.